Comparison Between Internet Dating and The Lovely Czech Women

By on 4.2.2015

If you are not convinced that our service is much better than trying internet dating, then just read on and we can show how traditional internet dating just does not compare when put up against our top quality services.

Internet Dating: How do you know that the information, or even the photograph, is not a complete fabrication? Nobody has verified that they are who they say they are, let alone the picture is actually of them.

Most Beautiful Ladies: Every single one of the women on our register (which is over 5000 strong) has been interviewed by a manager of our company, meaning that you can be certain any images and information is 100% authentic.

Internet Dating: With so many more men than women on dating sites, each woman could get dozens, if not hundreds, of private messages requesting contact.

Most Beautiful Ladies: We ensure that we do not create a conflict by introducing ladies to anyone else but you. Only after you decide that they are not for you do we send their information to anyone else, and if you start up a serious dialogue then we will maintain this action until you decide otherwise.

Internet Dating: The profile matching on these sites can be almost nonexistent, meaning you can be trying to contact women who would just not be compatible with you. Also, at this stage you are contacting them without even showing them your own picture.

Most Beautiful Ladies: Our intensive profile matching ensures the best matches before you have even made contact, and we provide the women with your picture so that you know you are not wasting your time.

Internet Dating: The support system in place on these sites is never great, and you will find it difficult to find help if you need more info or pictures; or if you have any extra questions about the women you choose.

Most Beautiful Ladies: With us you have a designated account manager that is present in our office in Prague, and you are able to ask for any help that you wish – without any extra charges.

Not only this, but we can guarantee that all of the women that you meet with speak good English, and have their own telephone number and email address so that you can contact them directly without needing to go through a complicated and time consuming middleman.

Therefore, if you are interested in beautiful, cultured, educated and devoted women then steer clear of dating sites! They are often too risky for these women, and they prefer to come to a respectable agency such as ours, as we can find them the right match for their needs and desires.