Czech Elite Professional Dating Website

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Are you sick of using tinder, sick of the endless charade of pointless texts? Perhaps then you should try elite dating. For many their love life often resembles a serious of semi-serious relationships combined with hook-ups and one night stands. Elite dating cuts through all that and all the riff raff.

You might then be wondering how elite professional dating websites differ from those of the more traditional ilk. The proof lies in the pudding so to speak. Unlike the mainstream dating sites not everyone is at liberty to join the elite dating websites. Most have a thorough screening process which ensures only the ‘elite’ are members. Everything from your personal choice in music through to your educational background and current income will all be assessed.

Once an exclusive member you will then be at the mercy of their matching and proofing systems. These systems are designed to introduce members to one another based on the compatibility of their personalities and search criteria. In essence this means that when you are browsing and having a look the elite dating company is taking notes and keeping tabs on the type of partner you like and are attracted to.

This means that detailing your personal preferences and criteria correctly are essential for success in elite professional dating. Be sure to take your time and compose carefully considered answers so that the system will work well and your potential suitors will also take note.

Elite dating websites always take secure steps to protect your information and provide it other members in a discreet and thoroughly professional way. You might laugh at the thought of elite dating but there are many success stories out there. It becomes a valuable outlet for successful men and women to meet one another who have a shared interest. After all, there aren’t many successful people who have the time to spare to go out to bars and clubs to meet and greet. Elite dating simplifies everything and acts as a social filter for you and every other member.

Loneliness in old age ‘deadlier than obesity’

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Higher Education

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Article from the Daily Mail – Top countries for Literacy and Numeracy.


Where you can find our Millionaire Dating Agency Service in the UK

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We have large offices based in Central London as well as the Home Counties and Manchester. We provide our High End Dating Service across the UK, Europe and Across the Globe. Contact us for more information today.

Beautiful Czech Women

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For such a small country, the Czech Republic has an inordinately high proportion of beautiful women, many of whom have been recognized on the world stage as international supermodels and contest winners. With that in mind, here at Most Beautiful Ladies in the World, we’ve compiled a list of the five most beautiful Czech women in the world today.

5) Eva Herzigová
At number 5 we have a familiar face if not quite a familiar name; the stunning Eva Herzigová will be known to many as the face and body of the ‘Hello Boys’ Wonderbra campaign. The 1994 advertisement featured Herzig in Wonderbra’s matching suits and knicker set and not much else! The advert went on to be voted one of the most iconic in advertising history, and was voted at number 10 in a poll for the greatest advertisments of the century. At 5’11 “she possesses the height associated with the classic beauty, complemented by her long, light blonde hair and slim physique. Now 40, Herzig still retains her stunning beauty, and is the envy of many women, and the desire of just as many men, the world over.

4) Petra Němcová
Petra Němcová is one of the world’s most recognizable models, featured in advertisements for Benetton, Cartier, Hewlett Packard, Max Factor, Pantene, and Victoria’s Secret, as well as gracing the covers of Elle, Cosmopolitan, FHM and Glamor to name it but a few. It is, perhaps, an incident outside of the modeling for which she is best known, however. In 2004, Nemcova was in Thailand with her then fiancée at the time of the infamous and destructive tsunami that claimed thousands of lives. Tragically, her fiancée perished, and Nemc survived only by clinging to a palm tree for hours. Since the tsunami she has founded the Happy Hearts Fund, which helps children after natural disasters, and is now a honorary consul of Czech Republic to Haiti, a true woman of beauty and integrity.

3) Taťána Kuchařová
Taťána Kuchařová became famous in 2006 for becoming the first woman from Czech Republic to win the Miss World contest. Still in high school at the time, she also became the youngest woman ever to win the competition. In the world of elite dating, she is currently seeing American model Lane Carlson, one half of the model sibling the Carlson twins, uniting two of the world’s most powerful models.

2) Paulina Pořízková Paulina Pořízková
The oldest woman on our list, the stunning Paulina Pořízková, was born in 1965 and has been a paved way for the success of Eastern European and Czech women in the fashion and fashion industry. By 1988, she was the world’s highest paid model, and became the first Eastern European woman on the coverage of Sports Illustrated magazine. Her talents, however, go far beyond modeling, as she has appeared on America’s’ Dancing with the Stars’, has written a children’s book, a novel, and once turned down the chance to be a Bond girl because she had ‘better things to to’!

1) Hana Soukupová
Known as ‘The Next Big Thing’, Hana Soukupová was born in 1985 and is one of the most active models in the world today. Since she started modeling in 1998 she has been featured on over 80 magazine covers, the focus of over 4000 articles, and has appeared on over 500 catwalks! Since she signed her first major contract at just 15 she has never looked back, and now lives in New York.

8 Advantages of Mature Love

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1) Since it’s not based on a flash of superficial attraction, it grows with time, becoming richer, deeper andmore fulfilling than any that you’ve experienced. You’ve been burned by false love before, making it easier to recognise the genuine article.

2) You’re comfortable in your own skin, and fully aware of who you are. You’ve achieved most of your goals so you won’t be putting anything on hold if you actively seek love. If she doesn’t accept your flaws, in all likelihood she isn’t worth it.

3) The sex is better. It’s actually been proven: unlike sex in your younger years, you can afford to take it slowly, and come up with more creative ways of achieving pleasure. It focuses more on passion than how fast or how often. Pregnancy and ‘sin’ are no longer an issue- you can concentrate on enjoying it.

4) You bring different things to a relationship. You can be a provider, nurturer, teacher and companion, offering far more than the one dimensionality of youth. When there’s an age gap between you and your lady friend, you will be a refreshing change from the immature and selfish young men she has known.

5) Boundaries are clearly defined. There’s less room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation: you’re both coming into it with your eyes open. You both know that you want it to be a meaningful connection.

6) You know what you need. Since you’ve been around, you know exactly the sort of partner you’re looking for; there is no longer any need to settle for ‘second best’. If you’ve already had children, that side of your life is out of the way; you can build a mutually rewarding relationship.

7) The relationship has a greater chance of lasting. Compare the longevity of relationships between young Hollywood couples and their counterparts where the man was older: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have remained devoted to one another, as have Harrison Ford and Callista Flockhart. These are clearly relationships based upon maturity of mind and mutual understanding.

8) You’re more open to trying new things. More and more professional gentlemen are turning to dating sites to find the woman of their dreams; The Most Beautiful Ladies in the World is the only site to offer genuine professional matchmaking, matching you with a beautiful, intelligent woman who is looking for a lasting, adult relationship with a mature and successful man.

High Cost Of Courting Your Wife

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As you can see in the following article from the DAILY EXPRESS in the U.K. it can easily cost the average British Male over £11,000  ($17,000 or €12800)  to  find a wife.

And we are only talking about a very average looking lady close to your age. For a BEAUTIFUL younger educated woman this could easily be over £30,000 ($47000 or€35,000).

Also consider the time  involved and the stress ( which is bad for your blood  pressure).

Its much easier, less expensive and a great time saver to just use MOST BEAUTIFUL LADIES to find your dream BEAUTIFUL ,YOUNGER WOMAN.

Contact And Dating Advice For Our Most Beautiful Czech And Slovakian Women

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All the items listed below will be Taken by, and always given by your own Designated manager of WHO will work with you as long as you have our service, and even after your service ends.


* We will make sure you meet the woman has a blood test before you meet Insure games that she has NO INFECTIONS .. WE DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ANY OTHER AGENCY PROVIDES THIS FACILITY TO ITS CLIENTS

* How to contact our Women. What to say and do.

* Dating Advice

* How to compliment them

* What to wear When you first meet the woman

* What Compliments to make.

* How to make sure the woman really likes you.

* What things do not turn it on games

* What kind of picture do you send to the games and to our office

* Finances

* How to Make Travel Arrangements Either for games to come to see you or you to come to see the games.

* We can help you with all your travel and hotel plans at no extra cost to yourself.

* Finding out Exactly what women are looking for from you.

* And anything else to make sure you find the woman of your dreams.

Comparison Between Internet Dating and The Lovely Czech Women

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If you are not convinced that our service is much better than trying internet dating, then just read on and we can show how traditional internet dating just does not compare when put up against our top quality services.

Internet Dating: How do you know that the information, or even the photograph, is not a complete fabrication? Nobody has verified that they are who they say they are, let alone the picture is actually of them.

Most Beautiful Ladies: Every single one of the women on our register (which is over 5000 strong) has been interviewed by a manager of our company, meaning that you can be certain any images and information is 100% authentic.

Internet Dating: With so many more men than women on dating sites, each woman could get dozens, if not hundreds, of private messages requesting contact.

Most Beautiful Ladies: We ensure that we do not create a conflict by introducing ladies to anyone else but you. Only after you decide that they are not for you do we send their information to anyone else, and if you start up a serious dialogue then we will maintain this action until you decide otherwise.

Internet Dating: The profile matching on these sites can be almost nonexistent, meaning you can be trying to contact women who would just not be compatible with you. Also, at this stage you are contacting them without even showing them your own picture.

Most Beautiful Ladies: Our intensive profile matching ensures the best matches before you have even made contact, and we provide the women with your picture so that you know you are not wasting your time.

Internet Dating: The support system in place on these sites is never great, and you will find it difficult to find help if you need more info or pictures; or if you have any extra questions about the women you choose.

Most Beautiful Ladies: With us you have a designated account manager that is present in our office in Prague, and you are able to ask for any help that you wish – without any extra charges.

Not only this, but we can guarantee that all of the women that you meet with speak good English, and have their own telephone number and email address so that you can contact them directly without needing to go through a complicated and time consuming middleman.

Therefore, if you are interested in beautiful, cultured, educated and devoted women then steer clear of dating sites! They are often too risky for these women, and they prefer to come to a respectable agency such as ours, as we can find them the right match for their needs and desires.