8 Advantages of Mature Love

By on 25.2.2015

1) Since it’s not based on a flash of superficial attraction, it grows with time, becoming richer, deeper andmore fulfilling than any that you’ve experienced. You’ve been burned by false love before, making it easier to recognise the genuine article.

2) You’re comfortable in your own skin, and fully aware of who you are. You’ve achieved most of your goals so you won’t be putting anything on hold if you actively seek love. If she doesn’t accept your flaws, in all likelihood she isn’t worth it.

3) The sex is better. It’s actually been proven: unlike sex in your younger years, you can afford to take it slowly, and come up with more creative ways of achieving pleasure. It focuses more on passion than how fast or how often. Pregnancy and ‘sin’ are no longer an issue- you can concentrate on enjoying it.

4) You bring different things to a relationship. You can be a provider, nurturer, teacher and companion, offering far more than the one dimensionality of youth. When there’s an age gap between you and your lady friend, you will be a refreshing change from the immature and selfish young men she has known.

5) Boundaries are clearly defined. There’s less room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation: you’re both coming into it with your eyes open. You both know that you want it to be a meaningful connection.

6) You know what you need. Since you’ve been around, you know exactly the sort of partner you’re looking for; there is no longer any need to settle for ‘second best’. If you’ve already had children, that side of your life is out of the way; you can build a mutually rewarding relationship.

7) The relationship has a greater chance of lasting. Compare the longevity of relationships between young Hollywood couples and their counterparts where the man was older: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have remained devoted to one another, as have Harrison Ford and Callista Flockhart. These are clearly relationships based upon maturity of mind and mutual understanding.

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